QV12SA: QlikView System Administrator

Exam Name: QlikView System Administrator

Exam Code: QV12SA

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Qlik QV12SA Exam Summary:

Exam Name QlikView System Administrator
Exam Code  QV12SA
Exam Duration  120 minutes 
Exam Questions  60 
Passing Score  65% 
Exam Price   $250 (USD) 
Sample Questions   QlikView System Administrator Certification Sample Question
Practice Exam   QlikView System Administrator Certification Practice Exam

Qlik QV12SA Exam Topics:

Objective Details 

Install and Configure the Environment

(22% of the exam)

– Explain the purpose of different QlikView services
– Determine the appropriate service installation to meet customer requirements
– Determine how to share system resources between QlikView services
– Determine the implications and outcomes of a specific configuration

Administer the Environment

(35% of the exam)

– Differentiate between functionality of licensed and unlicensed Publisher
– Determine the appropriate task type to meet customer requirements
– Determine an appropriate method to monitor tasks
– Given a scenario, determine the appropriate options for configuring a task
– Given a scenario, determine the appropriate CAL type to use and describe methods to apply CAL types
– Describe how to proactively manage QlikView platform infrastructure
– Determine an approach to proactively manage Windows platform infrastructure (e.g. IIS, event logs, folder permissions)

Troubleshoot the Environment

(43% of the exam)

– Identify an error based on log file information
– Determine the appropriate steps to identify issues (e.g., user reported, dialog box)
– Determine the cause of common performance issues
– Determine the appropriate system resource allocation to meet requirements
– Determine an appropriate strategy to resolve a performance issue
– Determine the cause of an environmental issue
– Describe how to handle client-server communication problems