QV12BA: QlikView Business Analyst (QVBA)

Exam Name: QlikView Business Analyst (QVBA)

Exam Code: QV12BA

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Qlik QV12BA Exam Summary:

Exam Name QlikView Business Analyst
Exam Code  QV12BA
Exam Duration  120 minutes 
Exam Questions  50 
Passing Score  65% 
Exam Price   $250 (USD) 
Sample Questions   QlikView Business Analyst Certification Sample Question
Practice Exam   QlikView Business Analyst Certification Practice Exam

Qlik QV12BA Exam Topics:

Objective Details 
Gather and Interpret Requirements
(12% of the exam)

– Given a set of business objectives, determine KPIs, dimensions, or measures

Identify and Analyze Data Sources
(12% of the exam)

– Given a dataset, determine the relationships among data

Design and Develop the QlikView Application User Interface
(76% of the exam)

– Determine the result of a given function or complex expression

– Identify where alternate uses of expressions are appropriate

– Given a scenario, determine the appropriate function or complex expression to use

– Explain how to implement Actions/Triggers in the QlikView interface

– Given a scenario, determine the appropriate object or chart type to use

– Explain the purpose/functionality of common object properties

– Given a scenario, determine the appropriate application User Interface performance tuning option to use

– Given user requirements, identify the appropriate screen resolution