QSDA2019: Qlik Sense Data Architect (QSDA)

Exam Name: Qlik Sense Data Architect

Exam Code: QSDA2019

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Qlik QSDA2019 Exam Summary:

Exam Name Qlik Sense Data Architect
Exam Code  QSDA2019
Exam Duration  120 minutes 
Exam Questions  50 
Passing Score  58% 
Exam Price   $250 (USD) 
Training  Data Architect
Sample Questions   Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification Sample Question
Practice Exam   Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification Practice Exam

Qlik QSDA2019 Exam Topics:

Objective Details 
Identify Requirements for Data Models (16% of the exam)

– Identify the data load and refresh requirements (e.g., tiered architecture, multiple data sources, varying refresh times)
– Given a scenario, identify Qlik Sense features to meet customer needs (e.g., associative data model, master items, ODAG, GeoAnalytics)
– Outline steps to implement security requirements

Design Data Models
(28% of the exam)

– Determine an appropriate data model design to meet customer needs
– Decide on an appropriate data model that prioritizes reuse, scalability, and efficiency (e.g., tiered architecture, data governance)
– Determine how to manage complex scenarios (e.g., calendar, set analysis, flags, functions)

Build Data Models
(34% of the exam)
– Create data models (e.g., join, keep, resident load, where clause, incremental load, purge strategy, variable)
– Given a scenario, use data transformation techniques with both data load editor and data manager
– Manage security using section access
– Use the Qlik Converter to migrate QlikView documents to Qlik Sense applications
– Use appropriate data connections
Validate Data
(22% of the exam)

– Validate data models against source information using Qlik Sense visualizations
– Resolve data modeling issues (e.g., synthetic keys, circular references, scripting errors, debugging)
– Resolve data issues (e.g., null values, data formatting)