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IBM SPSS Modeler Professional (C2090-930) Exam Tips You’ll Be Thankful For

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Foundation of IBM SPSS Modeler Professional v3 (C2090-930) exam is designed to help candidates become an IBM Certified Specialist – SPSS Modeler Professional v3. IBM Data and AI – Platform Analytics is an individual who can contract with clients looking for choosing and designing a solution based on IBM Cloud.

IBM C2090-930 Exam Details

Foundation of IBM SPSS Modeler Professional v3 (C2090-930) exam consists of 60 questions. Candidates will receive a maximum of 90 minutes to perform the exam. However, to pass the exam, candidates are expected to give 40 correct answers. The C2090-930 exam is available in English, and it will cost you around USD 200.

IBM SPSS Modeler Professional Exam Scheduling

Candidates can schedule the Foundation of IBM SPSS Modeler Professional v3 (C2090-930) exam by using the following steps:

  • First, build an account on the IBM landing page of the Pearson VUE website. You have to give your email address and necessary demographic information such as name, address, and phone number.
  • Then, Go to the IBM landing page and Sign-in into your account.
  • After that, take your exam and select a testing location. It will ask for a schedule, date, and time for testing.
  • Lastly, complete the payment process. Then, Pearson VUE will email specific instructions for taking your exam. The email will include directions, procedures, and policies.

Syllabus Topics

  • SPSS Modeler Professional Functionality (10%)
  • Business Understanding and Planning (10%)
  • Data Understanding (15%)
  • Data Preparation (20%)
  • Modeling (20%)
  • Evaluation and Analysis (15%)
  • Deployment (10%)

Preparation Tips for IBM SPSS Modeler Professional Exam

1. Create A Study Plan

Before sitting down to pick up a book and start studying, build a study plan. It will support maintaining a proper study schedule and getting a clearer sight of what needs to be done and when. List down the names of the topics, sort out the priorities of studying each subject, chart out several days before the exam, assign each issue strategically, frame the study hours per day, plan out group study time and breaks, etc., for self. Developing a study plan will automatically guide one in saving a significant amount of time and energy that would have been wasted unknowingly worrying and panicking.

2. IBM SPSS Modeler Professional Exam Study Guide

IBM provides the candidate’s exam study guide to help prepare for the IBM C2090-930 exam. This study guide describes all the tasks and knowledge that an individual needs to implement the product successfully. Moreover, this includes many exam objectives with provided references that will help candidates understand the concepts more accurately.

Enhance Your Preparation for IBM SPSS Modeler Professional (C2090-930) Certification Exam

3. Study Groups

One thing that will be useful during the IBM SPSS Modeler Professional exam preparation time is to join study groups. These groups will help you stay connected with the other people on the same pathway as yours. Moreover, here you can begin any discussion about the issue compared to the exam or any query. By doing so, you will get the best possible answer to your question.

4. IBM C2090-930 Online Practice Tests

This can be an essential part that can help you to prepare better for the C2090-930 exam. That is to say, practice tests are imperative as by evaluating yourself with these tests, you will understand your weak and strong areas. However, by practicing, you will be ready to improve your answering skills to save a lot of time. Moreover, the best way to begin doing practice tests is after making one full topic, as this will work as a revision section for you. So, make sure to find the best practice references.

5. Maintain A Decent Sleep Routine

During sleep, the human mind and body rest to regain energy and strength by completing the daily metabolism cycle. Health experts recommend a sound sleep of 8 hours. Some people may favor studying late at night, and some may like early in the morning, so check which time of the day sets you best, schedule, and maintain a proper sleep routine.

6. Never Give Up

No matter what happens, do not give up. Focus on reaching your ultimate target with utmost persistence. You will be just fine! Remember, procrastination does not yield appealing IBM SPSS Modeler Professional exam results. A pragmatic approach will help you smoothly tackle each subject.

7. Plan the Day of IBM SPSS Modeler Professional Exam

Planning the IBM exam a day ahead will make everything easier on the actual IBM SPSS Modeler Professional exam day. Getting all the information and terms of the exam in advance is mandatory. Make sure to have a good night’s sleep before the exam day.

On the day of the C2090-930 exam, get up early in the morning, drink a fair amount of water, eat light nutritious food to avoid drowsiness, sort out and carry all the necessary stationery items, plan your journey and start a little early to avoid last-minute races. Travel with a punctual companion, and it will make one feel the more positive energy and confidence.

I hope these tips will help you conquer the IBM C2090-930 exam in the best manner.

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