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Unparalleled Insights from SAS Visual Business Analyst

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Over the past years, even with programmed analytical methods at practice, to analyze complex situations required early-stage human intervention. Human intelligence was more interested in providing pre-requisites, inputs, and concluding data. With the emergence of SAS Visual Business Analyst, human-information discourse has become useful in arriving at analytical reasoning and making business decisions insightfully with much ease.

SAS is one of the first adopters of Visual Analytics and provides data exploration techniques, automatic interactive reporting, and collaborative capabilities. Element is a SAS Silver Partner and provides end to end SAS solutions and services covering from procuring SAS Software, license renewals, upgrades, and add-ons. We provide transparent advice supporting the appropriate SAS Software solutions for your business needs.

SAS Visual Business Analyst gives your organization high-speed access to your data. In-memory processing capability enables an organization to generate reports or queries almost instantly. SAS Visual Business Analyst can visually captivate stories with hierarchies for drilling down and incorporating statistical analysis and forecasting.

SAS Visual Business Analytics with Machine Learning helps people see things that were not obvious to them before. Even when data volumes are enormous, patterns can be found quickly and easily. This includes data mining skills, advanced modeling techniques, business visualizations, which universally conveys information and make it simple to share ideas with others.

Who Should Attend?

  • Aspirants want to become Business Data Visualization analysts /experts and create a strong SAS programming foundation to manipulate data, perform queries and analyses, and generate reports.
  • Additionally, it wants to access SAS’s power for analysis and report generation on data using the point-and-click interface.

SAS Visual Business Analyst: Its Key Concepts

There are also improved SAS Visual Business Analyst home page features, data builder for visualization and exploration. On the home page, users can now hide or reorder the links and applications. In the data builder section, users can choose a different fact table and create the SQL query view.

There are many enhanced features for visualization and exploration, like an Auto-Update option, which helps users to control the automatic update of the visualization after the changes or display frequency for decision trees as a percentage by using a frequency option.

Latest | SAS Visual Business Analyst (A00-277) Exam | Boost Your Score

Similarly, there are many new features for the User interface for designers; for example, users can import tables from database servers and import local files. A new report-level option enables users to put all data queries on hold until the data is updated. For Reporting, features like geo coordinate map, additional layout for treemaps, different transparency options for graphs, etc., are also available.

Users can add hierarchies based on a date, date-time, or time format automatically. One can also now filter the display of LASR tables by user ID. Some of the improved options allow one to manage the self-service import functionality and limit the size of self-service imports.

The SAS Visual Business Analyst used for data visualization and discovery is now definitely more comfortable and faster and can even handle unstructured data with ease. With more features for reporting and improved mobile capabilities, it is going to be very popular.

SAS Visual Business Analyst is one of the right tools. For starters, it lets users visually explore critical drivers, toggle with them, and, hopefully, results in better decision-making. The software allows users to figure out why a particular incident took place, examine all options behind it, and uncover opportunities hidden deep in data. Ultimately, the software leads to engagement and bolstering key relationships.

Dynamic Visuals Via SAS Visual Business Analyst

Naturally, the core component of Visual Business Analysts is the visuals. The ability to see, adjust and play around with data in a visual manner contributes heavily to analytics and data preparations’ overall convenience. There is no better way to organize data than doing so visually on SAS Visual Business Analyst.

Reporting and document generation has never been easier, given that users have the ability to create incredibly gorgeous, interactive reports and dashboards. In a matter of seconds, decision-makers and data analysts will be able to summarise critical organizational performance metrics, identify trends and opportunities, and share these insights with authorized peers and colleagues via web and mobile devices. Increased collaboration levels mean that any from high-level Executives to frontline staff can conveniently interact with one another and collaborate on leveraging the various harnessed insights.

The ability to have the SAS software, SAS Visual Business Analyst, means that users would also have access to incredibly interactive software. This means that changes, adjustments, and views can be done and rearranged with limited errors.

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