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Are You Following the Proper Study Guide to Ace Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam?

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How to pass the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification exam at the first attempt? Here is a useful study guide to ace the Tableau Desktop Specialist exam. Begin your journey with knowing the Tableau Desktop Specialist syllabus and utilize the study guide to ease your journey.

What Is the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam?

The Tableau Desktop Specialist exam is a one-hour long exam. The questions in the exam are of multiple-choice type, but some of the questions look for multiple-responses. There are scenario-based questions too, which require hands-on knowledge with Tableau products. The Tableau Desktop Specialist exam is delivered on a Windows Virtual Machine platform containing Tableau Desktop.

The number division in the exam also varies depending on the question-type. Generally, scenario-based questions are allotted more marks. A candidate needs to get 70% marks to pass the exam. The tableau desktop specialist exam is available in languages like English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, International Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Who Should Take the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam?

The exam is intended for candidates who have foundational skills and knowledge of Tableau Desktop and at least three months’ experience applying these skills in the product.

Is There Any Prerequisite to Take the Exam?

There are no mentioned prerequisites for the tableau desktop specialist exam. Everyone learns at a different pace, and everyday use of Tableau also depends on different parameters. Experience with the product is recommended.

What Topics Are Covered under the Exam Syllabus?

The tableau desktop specialist exam needs a candidate to learn topics like-

  • Understanding Tableau Concepts
  • Sharing Insights
  • Exploring & Analyzing Data
  • Connecting to & Preparing Data

Study Guide to Ace the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam at First Attempt

Start Your Journey by Registering for the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam:

Loyalist Exam Services manage the exam. A candidate can directly register for the exam from the official website, or the registration link is provided here.

Get Answers to Your Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Today

Read from the Visual Analysis Best Practices:

Tableau offers a guidebook for the tableau desktop specialist exam. A candidate can apply for the whitepaper and earn knowledge from the whitepaper provided by Tableau.

Utilize Free Training Videos:

If you want to learn how to prepare, analyze, and share your data, Tableau videos are for you. Regarding the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam, you can watch free videos. In these videos, Tableau has offered knowledge about different topics like the tableau prep builder, the cleaning step, the profile pane, the pivot step, the union step, and many other aspects of the exam.

Learn from Experts via Tableau Desktop I Fundamentals Training:

This is a two-day instructor-led training course, where you learn from the experts. During this training, you learn via in-class training and additional self-paced eLearning.

Go Through Sample Questions from Different Resources for Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam:

Tableau’s official preparation guide some sample questions, which could give you an idea about the questions to be asked in the actual exam. But don’t be dependent on that material only. offers some useful sample questions for the tableau desktop specialist exam. Reading from those questions could be helpful.

Depend on Practice Tests for Your Evaluation:

You may need to check if you are ready enough to take the exam at some point in exam preparation. You can easily assess by taking online practice tests. Undoubtedly, you need practical experience, but practice tests will allow you to face scenario-based and multiple-choice questions, just like the real exam. Boost your confidence gradually by practicing regularly.

Bottom Line:

Tableau is growing rapidly in the BI industry, offering one of the most flourishing visualization tools. Tableau is used to visualize big data. It recognizes the pattern of the data sets and offers a visual representation of the data. Tableau’s principal fact is that the human brain receives visual patterns in a better manner than statistical data or illustrations. Hence, tableau Analysts use patterns in data in order to gain meaningful insights and statistics to represent the same data.

With zero needs for knowledge of coding or technical skills, Tableau transforms a raw set of data into an understandable format very easily. Tableau is loaded with multiple-advantages, so being a Tableau Desktop Specialist not only earns you the credential but makes your path that you are recognized and demanded worldwide.

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