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SAS Platform Administrator Certification Tips That Will Help You Conquer in Career

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The SAS Platform Administrator certification gives an overview of the platform for SAS Business Analytics from a platform administrator’s perspective. There are no formal prerequisites. This course examines the SAS Analytics Platform, SAS Management Console software.

This program provides an overview of the platform for SAS Business Analytics from a platform administrator’s prospect.

Learn How to:

  • Identify the tiers of the platform for SAS Business Analytics.
  • Get metadata and how the various client tier applications can modify it.
  • Understand the particular job functions of a SAS platform administrator.
  • The SAS Global Certification Program enables you to validate your SAS software skills and earn the globally-recognized credential sponsored by SAS.

Why Get Certified SAS Administrator?

If you go to the SAS certification page, you can get lots of details on why certification is excellent and what it means.

However, I can say that it feels good to have a certification supporting your statements that you are a great programmer. The other not, the certified one would win. It appears self-evident that certifications in SAS would help you get a job as a SAS programmer.

Also, studying for certification means you are probably learning new skills. Still, there were several tricks I did not understand beforehand that have been very helpful – studying forced me to know further information, making me better at my job.

And, lastly, your employer might pay for it. There is no harm – or at least, and there should be no harm – in asking if they would pay for you to take a certification exam.

Tips to Prepare For Your SAS Administrator Certification Exam

1. See What the SAS Administrator Exam is All About

To pass your SAS Platform Administrator certification exam, you must have a broad knowledge of customizing, configuring the platform, leading users and looking for ways to get even more out of its characteristics and capabilities. The exam guide is your best resource to get the exam format, including the number of questions, how much time you are allowed, what topics are covered, how much they are weighted, what resources you should do to study, and more.

2. Register Your Certification Exam

It may look strange to schedule your exam before studying, but this is a great way to keep you motivated and work towards your certification goal. Having a set date will aid you to prioritize your studying and keep you concentrated.

3. Find Some Friends to Study With

Nothing encourages more when studying for an exam than having friends to join you on the journey. The Community is a significant step to connect with fellow SAS Platform Administrators who are looking for their exam. Here you can ask questions, get guidance and words of support, and even plan study dates and meetups.

4. Get Hands-on Practice

No amount of studying can relate to how valuable it is to get hands-on experience. Being able to recall special projects or implementations you have done will aid you as you answer tough, scenario-based questions. The best approach to get this hands-on experience is to block out time on your calendar and make it clear to your team that this is a priority. An excellent way to learn, refresh, and supercharge your skills and understanding of SAS. Another great way to set your skills is to create an app to track your interest.

5. Other Tips

If you are a new SAS Platform Administrator, here are some points you should do:

  • Browse the SAS Visual Analytics administration manual to be comfortable with the tool and what customizations you can make.
  • You learn some basics of the SAS Visual Analytics front-end environment. When a user reaches you with an issue, you should know the variations among the web applications.
  • Get to do the SAS Management Console and SAS Environment Manager. You should also see the SAS documentation for these products.
  • Seek companies or assistance from others as you learn.
How to Prepare for SAS Certified Platform Administrator for SAS 9 (A00-250) Certification Exam


SAS certification does not guarantee a job. However, it can be one more arrow in your quiver, setting you apart in a competitive job market, and demonstrating expertise with newer skills such as business intelligence or clinical trials.

Good luck with determining the right choice for your situation!

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