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SAS BI Content Developer Certification: Anyone Has Done It?

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The SAS Certified BI Content Developer for SAS 9 Proves the skills needed to build reports, analyses, and dashboards for business users’ damage. After completion, the candidate will be skilled in information customer reporting applications, data management, building information maps, building a SAS BI Dashboard application, etc.

Why Should You Join the SAS BI Content Developer Certification?

The candidate should join the course if he requires to work as a professional in any big organization. After the achievement of the course, he must be able to complete all necessary tasks for an organization. The course will allow the learners to explore information and skills about the SAS training course.

Candidates who scored passing marks in SAS BI Content Developer for SAS 9 exam can only get the certification. The exam for which the candidate appears is based on SAS 9.4 Maintenance 2, using the 4.4 version of the BI customers and is conducted by SAS and Pearson VUE.

After achieving a SAS BI Content Developer certification, you will be recognized as an expert and highly skilled software developer and programmer. To get certification after program completion, you require to give a test and get your certification online.

Also, the AnalyticsExam could help get the certification of the course, which will help you in the long run.

What Are the Objectives of SAS BI Content Developer Certification?

The purpose for which the course design is to make the learners understand the fundamental concepts about the online course. Here are some of the goals listed below to give you a brief about what are its goals:

  • To build the user-friendly business applications.
  • To comprehend and perform advanced reporting practices.
  • To learn about the building of data and information maps.
  • Stored processes creation.
  • To make the Learners learn to use advanced methods with the aid of SAS reports.
  • To exploit the data in Multidimensional ways.
  • To use SAS Guide projects to achieve the stored processes.
  • To create dynamic stored processes for the users for the way of parameters.

What Skills Will You Learn in SAS BI Content Developer Certification?

SAS BI Content Developer course is a professional level course, and thus it provides the most effective way of SAS skills needed. Moreover, it is a part of SAS where there is a possibility of business analysis with the help of software skill sets.

By using these skills, the candidate can change his business intelligence up to a large amount.

Some of the learned skills include:

  • The candidate will learn to build a data store during his training, starting from reviewing the projects.
  • The candidate will also know about the scheduling of data integration studio jobs at the SAS training.
  • The candidate will understand the meaning and working of the data integration studio and set up tasks for the course.
How to Prepare for SAS BI Content Developer A00-270 Certification Exam

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Responsibilities of SAS BI Content Developer

  • Used SAS Foundation to create required datasets.
  • Used Data Integration Studio to extract and transform data from source tables and load them into the new target table.
  • Used Cube Designer Wizard from DI Studio to set a new cube with three dimensions.
  • Used SAS Information Map Studio to build IMaps one from the purpose table and the other from OLAP cube.
  • Used SAS Enterprise Guide to read data, prompt the user to select a value, and create a graphical report.
  • Converted the complete project into a SAS Stored process that will be used in SAS BI Dashboard with a custom graph indicator.
  • When the BI developer requires administrator assistance, the instructions are provided right there in context. If the BI developer is also an administrator, they can keep going without stopping.


The candidates who join the SAS BI Content Developer course will surely help themselves get a better career opportunity. The SAS BI Content Developer online course is highly valued by almost every organization as it is an emerging trend in BI. After the achievement of the certification, you will develop as an expert in SAS BI and analytics. Therefore, you will avail of several professional career opportunities both at national and international levels.

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