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Tips for Acing Your SAS Visual Modeler Certification

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Learning and preparing for the SAS certification for analytics can appear quite daunting from the start. You have to remember a ton of information the training materials include. However, this experience is pleasant and worth a shot as you can enhance your skills and your work quality. Bypassing the SAS Visual Modeler certification exam successfully, you raise awareness of your programming in a highly competitive environment.

They were designed for analysts using SAS Visual Statistics for exploratory and predictive modeling, model fitting, and study in a business environment.

Successful candidates should be skilled in topics such as:

  • Building and searching descriptive models
  • Building and exploring predictive models with constant and categorical targets
  • Assessing model goodness of fit
  • Modifying and comparing models
  • Scoring models.

Tips to Prepare for SAS Visual Modeler Certification

Here are several tips for zooming through the SAS Visual Modeler certification.

1. Pick the Training Strategy

Just choose the most suitable way to learn SAS and move forward! You can easily use the following methods:

  • Tutors-led training: If a highly experienced tutor resides within your location
  • Self-placed learning: Take online courses

2. Solo-study by the SAS Visual Modeler Certification Books

There are various SAS online courses for SAS Visual Modeler, where the professional instructors will lead you to a unique online experience. Please keep in mind that studying solo can be exciting since you should master the complicated tasks without tutor support.

3. Use the Chosen Memorization Technique

The last way to encode a big chunk of information in your memory is to understand the underlying logic, argumentation, and connection. Simultaneously, for data that does not include any reasoning, using some memory tricks will be necessary.

For instance, try to change the materials you require to remember into a different form that is more peaceful for you to memorize. Thus, the new data can be associated with a bank of data already recorded in your brain.

Associating words with visual images is another generally used memorization technique. Moreover, if you are lucky sufficient to have a photographic memory, you can connect the text with pictures to recall what you have learned.

SAS Visual Modeler (A00-272) Practice Test and Preparation Guide

Despite the method you choose, do not neglect that intense repetition and practical experience are the keys.

4. Run Sample Codes and Programs in the SAS Practice Materials

The SAS Visual Modeler certification exam covers a broad range of statements, options, functions, etc. focusing on the Data step. It would be best to learn how to access, combine, create, manage, modify, and process various data sets. Get ready for multiple scenarios on reading data into the Statistical Analysis System.

Continuing the sample codes provided in the books will assist you in getting an entire understanding of the material. You can write your code and feel the absolute SAS power.

5. Take the SAS Visual Modeler Practice Test

If you score well on the practice test, it will help your worries and boost your confidence when taking the actual SAS Visual Modeler certification exam. The practice test is an excellent symbol of your ways of learning. You will see on what subjects you should concentrate on most. Take it before you begin working on the training materials or read them several times to check if you are prepared for the real exam.

6. Create Your Learning Plan and Stick to It

The best method to get through all the information is to make your action plan before preparing. Make sure that you adhere to the schedule. Use your favorite gadgets and apps. Thus, you can give all your available time to developing the exams and then sit for the certification tests as soon as you feel ready.

Hopefully, this article reveals the SAS Visual Modeler certification tips and gives you a clear vision of how much effort you have to invest in becoming a certified programmer. Lastly, if you plan to develop your analytical skills but unsure of which course to prefer, look out for the professional SAS tutors. They designed their methodology to enhance SAS learning.


The best way to increase your organization’s SAS skills is to invest in training for your new and average users. To support even your most advanced users, it is beneficial to promote earning SAS Visual Modeler certification, sharing knowledge internally, and sharing knowledge externally while networking with other experts at user groups and conferences.

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