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Become a SAS Advanced Programming Professional: A Step-By-Step Guideline

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Working as a Certified SAS Programmer is both challenging and rewarding. This position presents tremendous opportunities for talented people that would like to work within the IT industry.

If you want to take a jump into SAS programming, then take a closer look at the career demands, education qualifications, and skills. Make sure this profession is right for you.

Earn Your SAS Advanced Programming Certification

We live in restless times, so many SAS training institutes encourage their students by offering e-learning. They aid you in managing your schedule and achieve more in education. Hence, you can begin your SAS certification at any time.

The SAS program gives online practice exams and classroom training, certification courses, and a wide variety of fields, including data management and administration, business analytics, advanced analytics, programming, and statistical analysis.

SAS students can sit for certification exams and get the SAS base or advanced programming credentials. Learning Advanced SAS Programming allows you to get insight into SAS macro processing and several advanced programming techniques.

Thus, earning SAS advanced certification makes you more marketable in your specific corner and provides you a competitive edge when applying for jobs.

The top SAS professionals come from a variety of backgrounds. Some companies want employees with experience in both SAS programming and a particular field of study, bioinformatics, and computational biology.

SAS experts with a master’s degree in statistics can serve as SAS operations research analysts or statistical programmers. It is desirable to focus on a particular area of programming or statistics where you can make both your educational background and programming experience.

Represents the upper rank of SAS programmers who show a high level of knowledge in SAS programming expertise. Successful candidates should be skilled in tasks such as:

  • Using advanced Data level programming statements and performance techniques to explain complex problems.
  • Writing and interpreting SAS SQL code.
  • Creating and using the SAS MACRO facility.

5 Tips to Zoom Through SAS Advanced Programming Certification

1) Choose a Method of Preparation

There are options in preparing for the certification exams. Instructor-led training, Self-paced e-learning, and self-study of exam preparation books published by SAS.

Unless one is a SAS beginner and one lacks the confidence of learning SAS by reading books, I will recommend preparing for the certification exams by reading the two books published by SAS Institute Inc.

Get Quality Preparation with SAS Advanced Programming (A00-234) Certification

2) Apply Memorization Techniques

To pass the SAS Advanced Programming certification exam, a large amount of information requires to be understood, encoded in one’s memory, and retained for after retrieval. The human mind is an associative function of the brain.

An associative service is one in which one thing is associated with another by a relationship. Because of this, our memory runs at its best when the information to be memorized can be related to other information already stored in our brains, or the information to be learned is meaningful to us.

Thus, for a piece of information that has no meaning to us, using creative thoughts to transform that information from vague to significant will help us retain it longer. Even though one cannot be sure about this reasoning, it does serve one to remember this keyword and its function better.

3) Go Through Preparation Materials

The SAS Advanced Programming certification exam covers a wide range of features, statements, options, etc. One will run into new things one had not met before. In these situations, it aids to try out these new functions, statements, options, etc. with the SAS software.

You can run the sample code given in the books, or even better, and you can write your code to incorporate the new materials you just learned. These hands-on experiences will enhance your knowledge of the original documents.

4) Study the Preparation Materials with Intensive Repetition

Total comprehension, memorization techniques, and hands-on experiences are all beneficial in exam preparation. However, when learning and understanding such a large amount of information as required in the SAS Advanced Programming certification exam, it can be a challenge to keep learning new materials without skipping materials that have already been determined.

5) Take Practice Exams

Many websites provide practice exams for the SAS Advanced Programming certification exam. The practice exams are formed to test the same knowledge and skills as the SAS Advanced Programming certification exams, and all topics are proportionally weighted to match the certification exams.

Taking a SAS Advanced Programming practice exam at this point will allow you to evaluate the knowledge gap between what you possess now and what you require to maintain to pass the certification exam comfortably.

Also, familiarize yourself with the format and the level of difficulty of the certification exam. Even though successful appearance on the practice exams does not guarantee successful performance on the SAS Advanced Programming certification exam.

6) Aim to Pass the SAS Exam Quickly

There are two different approaches to exam preparation. You can choose to devote every hour available to you to prepare the exams and then take the exams as soon as you feel ready, or you can study the materials at your leisure apathetically in a lengthy preparation method.

Latest | SAS Advanced Programming Professional (A00-232) Certification

The more drawn-out the process is, the more times you will have to spend to reinforce fading memories. In the end, you use a lot more total hours on exam preparation if you adopt the second approach rather than completely covering yourself in the exam preparation.

Thus, it is not only possible to become a SAS Advanced Programming, if you employ the strategies outlined in this article, for many programmers.


Like anything in this world that is of real value, a SAS Certified Advanced Programming certificate comes only with your labor and determination. Hopefully, this article demystifies the process of getting certified and gives you a more precise assessment of how much sweat you will have to shed.

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